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Complete Services for Pool Excavation Philadelphia

Excavating a swimming pool involves a lot of things, but you will not have to worry about any of it. We are here to provide you with complete pool excavation. Pool excavation involves heavy machinery and it requires expertise and proper knowledge to perform the work. Do you know how a pool excavation happens and what it is involved in? There is a proper sequence that needs to be followed for a proper pool excavation.

Steps Involved in Pool Excavation

  • Permission and Permits
    To start any kind of excavation process you will need to get the necessary permits from your county to make them sure that you are doing everything securely. You also need to get permission from your neighbor if you are using their property. It is important to get permission from everywhere needed to have a safe and secure worksite.
  • Proper Underground Cabling
    Before starting any digging, you first need to contact the electric department of your region to analyze the underground cables. If you have underground cables you will have to inform to the electrician as it will inform their locations.
  • Pool Layout
    Every pool has different shapes and sizes, so thus it is important to check and analyze the area and layout of the pool. The contractor will make a guide for the team of excavators so that they can dig out the needed dimensions. That’s when the real process of pool excavation begins so that you can make your space more beautiful.
  • Digging
    We use the latest technology and new machines to remove the dirt more efficiently and effectively, making the pool excavation less costly and less time-consuming. We use dumpy and water levels to check the depth of the excavation at various points. We proudly say this is the best form and deepest way to dig.
  • Removal of Excess Soil
    It is also important to remove the dirt dug around the pool area on-site. You can use this soil in any other kind of work, such as in your yard, but if you keep it in the same place it will create problems in the installation of the pool, as the worksite will remain dirty and messy.

After proper pool excavation, you can arrange an inspection to see the place and bring in the new pool for placement. You can contact us anytime and we will be right there to help you.

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