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Which Inground Pool Philadelphia Is Perfect for You?

If you’re sure about getting a pool, but you don’t know what to get, the best kind is to have an inground pool Philadelphia. Above-ground pools are not durable enough to last you many years like an inground pool could. Installing a pool is not something you think of every day; making this decision is hard, and you should be well-informed of what’s the best one to get. There are three main types of inground pools; these are:

  1. Concrete pool – or known as cement pools built from reinforced concrete and a steel shell that is poured with cement. It is then plastered and painted to complete the process.
      Advantages of a concrete pool:
    • They are extremely durable and can last you for more than ten years as long as there is proper pool maintenance.
    • Instead of having it replaced, you can simply have it resurfaced
    • You can have it customized to any shape, size, and depth you want
    • You can have customizable features like waterfalls, infinity edges, zero entry, and even attached spas
      Disadvantages of a concrete pool:
    • It is the most expensive installation of an inground pool
    • It is more costly to maintain, unlike the other pools
    • It has the longest installation period with eight to twelve weeks
    • It might crack from soil movement or if there are earthquakes
    • The surface is vulnerable to algae growth if you don’t maintain it properly
  2. Fiberglass Pools – this type of pool is pre-molded, ready to be placed in an excavated hole in your yard. Back in the day, it was limited to a few basic shapes, but now there is a variety of wider forms of fiberglass pools Philadelphia.
      Advantages of a fiberglass pool:
    • Fiberglass inground pool is the easiest and fastest to install among all inground pools
    • It is cheaper to install, unlike having a concrete pool
    • For maintenance, you only need fewer chemicals than the other types of inground pools
      Disadvantages of a fiberglass pool:
    • It is hard to customize since there are only limited shapes and designs available
    • It should be delivered in one piece, which means size is limited
    • It has the longest installation period with eight to twelve weeks
    • If faulty installation occurs; major complications may result with costly repairs
    • It requires enough yard access for a crane to put the pool shell in the right spot. The area should be free from any overhead utility wires
  3. Vinyl Pools – are made by having a heavy-duty vinyl liner attached to an inground frame. It is made of plastic, steel, or reinforced concrete.
      Advantages of a vinyl pool:
    • It is the least expensive type
    • They can be freely customized, unlike fiberglass; however, shapes and features of concrete pools do not apply to vinyl pools
    • It is faster to install than concrete pools
    • It comes in multiple textures and colors like sand and mosaic effect
    • It won’t crack from soil movement or earthquakes
      Disadvantages of vinyl pools:
    • Vinyl liners can tear and require costly repairs; that’s why you should spend more on a heavy-duty liner
    • It is the least durable among the inground pool types
    • It can harbor algae, and sun creams can stain the liner

Now that you have an idea about the three types of inground pools, hopefully, you can now decide which one to get. If you’re worried about having a small yard, you can contact builders and ask for their help. They’ll love the challenge, and they will surely offer you a unique design. Also, don’t forget to learn about your community’s policies before investing in this major home improvement. Take the plunge and get an inground pool Philadelphia for your family and friends to enjoy for many years to come.

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