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Choosing Above Ground Pools Philadelphia

Above ground pools Philadelphia are ideal for homeowners who don’t want a permanent commitment to an inground pool. And there are many stylish above the ground pools that are just as stunning as an inground one. But the question is, what type of above ground pool is right for you. The most important choice to make when buying a pool is the frame. Here are some factors to help you decide what type of above ground pool is the best.

  1. Steel frames are made of various materials of aluminum, zinc, and galvanized steel, known for being sturdy and lightweight. You can build this one on a raised deck or just on your backyard floor. Steel is thin and can easily be bent and manipulated into different shapes that you want.
  2. Resin frames have a distinctive advantage over steel or aluminum pool parts since they cannot rust or corrode or oxidize. Another good thing about resin frames is that they can resist denting and warping. It can also withstand the damaging effects of water and sunlight. Unlike steel, resin frames stay cool to touch and not heat up. Do know that resin is expensive, but you still win with its long-term benefits that outweigh the extra cost.
  3. Hybrid pools are resin and steel combined with both of their benefits. Resin is perfect for getting the most exposure to water and the sun, while steel will be providing more support for the structure of the whole pool. You’ll have advantages such as resistance to chipping, discoloration, rusting, corrosion, and oxidation.
  4. Radiant Pools are also known as semi-inground pools since they offer the same quality and durability as an inground pool, except this one is more affordable. It is easy to install and is customizable, so you can freely design any size and shape you want to fit for your yard. If your yard has uneven ground, slopes, or hills, a radiant pool is ideal for you.

For more above ground pools Philadelphia tips, here are other things to consider:

  1. Size
    The size of what above the ground pool to get will depend on your yard’s dimensions. Also, consider the regulations and ordinances of your community before you start any home improvement.
  2. Shape
    Most above ground pools are round and oval. In some communities, the shape would also depend on your community’s ordinances. When choosing what shape, don’t be fooled that an oval shape pool is larger - sometimes it’s not the case.
  3. Depth
    This will depend on your pool wall’s height. There are three basic wall heights; these are 48”, 52”, and 54”. The higher the wall, the deeper your pool is, and the more water it will hold.

When you’re thinking about what size and shape to get, think of who will be using the pool more - the kids or the adults? If it’s for the kids, you’ll have to think of the lowest height of the wall for safety.

More and more homeowners love the idea of an above ground pool since it is aesthetically different and modern. Above ground pools Philadelphia can be as fun as having an inground pool. You should get one for your family now.

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