Get ready to unwind and relax with your friends and family in the backyard of your dreams! Our team of expert builders can enhance your patio, yard, or deck with a beautiful and functional pool. Whatever your pool needs are, we can deliver!

Get ready to unwind and relax with your friends and family in the backyard of your dreams! Our team of expert builders can enhance your patio, yard, or deck with a beautiful and functional pool. Whatever your pool needs are, we can deliver!

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Top Philadelphia Pool Builders makes pool dreams a reality for a huge number of property owners in Philadelphia. We offer predominant quality and top service in craftsmanship, development materials, pool arranging and configuration all the way. Our experts have profoundly expert knowledge and broad learning in pool improvement, development and structure.

Pool Builder Philadelphia has worked relentlessly to provide the highest and most professional levels of services in water park, resort and beach management service. Our experts redesign your pool and we provide you with a certified pool. We provide services like pool construction, pool cleaning and repair, pool renovations, pool supplies and more.

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Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Pool Builders Philadelphia

We hold the highest standards of morals, development and workmanship to guarantee the strength of your pool, spa or water highlight. With many years in the business, we have the learning and aptitude to manufacture your fantasy pool, even in geologies that others find difficult.

Our top contractor will offer you master help with the plan and development of your new pool, spa, or water highlight; or the remodel of your current pool. We give extraordinary consideration to the structure of your pool dependent on your particular situation Utilizing our involvement with testing locales, quality materials and predominant workmanship, we can hand craft an outside living space that will give you happiness for a considerable length of time to come.

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Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

We build great poolscapes that are functional and beautiful, ensuring that everything is on par with the standards.
Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Our pool repair and installations services come at affordable prices and we never take extra charges from our clients.
Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Every job entrusted to us undergoes careful planning and proper management to achieve the project’s goals.
Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Work with our team of professionals with 40 years of combined expertise in the field of pool building and maintenance.
Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Our objective is to ensure our customers are highly satisfied with our work and maintain a good relationship with them.
Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Have a customized pool design in mind? Design a functional and unique swimming pool with help from our experts.

Client Feedback

Bernadette K.

" I would recommend them to everyone! Whether you want your pool to be repaired or if you are looking for pool renovations, they are a one-stop solution of all your pool-related needs. "

Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA
Marie N.

" Our pool is now the most spectacular pool and we love it, it owns the best design and looks, it is all possible because these pool builders would recommend them to everyone who desires to have the best swimming pool."

Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA
Michelle E.

" I would really recommend these pool builders as they are best in providing their services. So if you are looking to renovate or repair your pool, you can choose them for having the best look and design of your pool best services. "

Top Pool Builder Philadelphia PA

Geometric Pools

Free Form pools can be mixed with any terrace and the design can be changed to meet all your needs.

Free Form Pools

Geometric Pool Construction Philadelphia can furnish you with an exemplary look and can boost your backyard’s look.

Pools Spa Combos & Water Features

Getaway to a private heaven in your own back yard. Spas can remain solitary or be incorporated with your present pool. An extraordinary pool completion is solid, comfortable, effectively kept up, and satisfying to the eye.

Diamond Brite combines with regular quartz, polymer-changed concrete and non-blurring Diamond Quartz in a variety of colors. The outcome is an exceptional wrap that confronts the harshest pool conditions while providing long stretches of satisfaction.Unlike customary marblebased pool plasters, Diamond Brite is made with regular quartz, one of nature's hardest and most perfect minerals. That means that Diamond Brite is unaffected by the harshest pool synthetic compounds and opposes changeless recoloring.

Private Renovations

Reemerging existing pools can be done exquisitely with a variety of Diamond Brite shades. Featuring your custom pool with premium, unique Diamond Brite completions is the ideal answer for revitalizing your current pool. Cleaning and Repair Philadelphia is always here to help you as your neighborhood nearby, authorized, guaranteed, dependable, reasonable and experienced pool builder experts in Philadelphia, PA.


You have finalized the dimension of your pool but you may wonder, how much does a 12x24 inground pool cost in Philadelphia? An inground pool installation for example a small vinyl liner pool could range from $25,0000 (for the basics) and roughly $35,000 for additional features such as heating and fencing. However, this would depend on the type of installation and equipment to be used. A 12X24 fiberglass pool can cost between $40,0000 to $45,000, this would depend on the features that you want to be added and also the needs for your backyard area. For a concrete type using the same dimension may cost more than $40,000 and may sum up to close to $50,000.

Having your pool area would be an instant getaway for the summer but the question is, “how to maintain a pool in Philadelphia? “As a pool owner, it is a big responsibility to maintain its cleanliness. Some steps on how to maintain a pool:

  • Remove the debris
  • Set the Vacuum
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Adjust the chemical components
  • Backwash the filter
  • Clean pump filter
  • Add chlorine to the system

Lastly, check the pool’s water level, refill if necessary if this shows less than half way up the skimmer well mouth.

You may have done a lot of research on what you need to know in getting a pool. But most often you would ask, “how much does it cost for an inground pool in Philadelphia?” To answer the question, this would depend on the type of pool, dimension and the people who would build the pool. For an inground pool it could cost from $25,000. However, the best way to get an estimated cost is to seek professional advice. From there, you can allocate the budget and check for financing options.

Having your own inground pool is such as a convenience since you can just plunge in anytime you want. But, what is the best type of inground swimming pool? Before doing the decision in purchasing the pool, check the three most popular types of inground pools.

  • Concrete Pool - This is the most popular type of pool yet expensive. It is often called the Gunite of Shotcrete pools.
  • Vinyl Pool - It is the second most popular type of inground pool. Each pool is made from a one piece flexible liner which fits into an excavated hole and attached to a steel or aluminum framed wall.
  • Fiberglass Pool - This type of pool is factory molded into giant bowl shaped shells which are set to the excavated hole by a crane.

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